• Fighting Burnout – Today’s Women Are Rocking It!

    When you think about it, modern women are really rocking it in the world today. Not only are they earning college degrees and climbing corporate ladders, many are also raising families and/or taking care of aging parents at the same time.

    Carrying so much can result in burnout, depression, anxiety, or physical health challenges. But there’s good news. Many women are also scheduling themelves into their own life and it’s pretty inspiring! Here’s how women I know are taking good care of themselves and others in healthier ways!

    Schedule Me!

    It starts with the calendar and ends with the follow through. I’m speaking to myself now loud and clear. If I sit down on a Sunday afternoon and look at my weekly schedule, so many times I’m not in it at all. So I’m taking inspiration from other women I know and making time for me. And you can too. It starts with our schedule. First just block off empty space – it doesn’t have to be something specific to do right now. Just allocate space. For me it’s usually a spot in the weekend that is just free for me to make myself available to myself and to others so I can say yes to invitations.

    Stick with the schedule!

    No matter how tempting, don’t schedule something else instead. I know, it’s hard. Life is really demanding and there’s always something someone else wants you to do. Resist the demands from others to cave – but don’t resent their asking. You’ve taught them you are optional and it’s not their fault.

    Find your people and places of support!

    As you continue to try and be there for YOU and everyone else, it’s important to find inspiration, motivation, and people you can inspire. This can mean family, friends, your faith, or a personal exercise group that’s structured engagement you can walk right into. 

    Talk with Someone

    Sometimes it’s easier to speak with someone outside of your social or family network about the changes you want to make. Talking with a therapist can really help you gain perspective on your life and your abilities. Together you can create strategies to navigate the stressful situations in your life.

    Now tell others about the changes

    The biggest obstacle I see in implementing a new plan that includes more of you are telling the people around you who are pretty happy with the way things are going! Having conversations and setting expectations with others about the changes that are coming is a difficult step but there is a formula that works pretty well. Take responsibility for making the changes, don’t blame others, and giving a timeline to implement the new schedule are all ways to make the change easier. Wrap it all in compassion for the adjustments others are making and be consistent so that they believe it’s gonna happen.

    Easier said than done? Give me a call at 850.450.7223 or make an appointment in our secure client portal here https://believehopeinspire.securepatientarea.com/portal/# ,. Can’t wait to get started!

    P. Dianne Presley, LCSW

    Owner/Founder Believe, Hope, Inspire Wellness Services LLC

    A couneling center where new lives begin!