• Taking Back Control – How to Create Control Over Your Schedule

    May is Take Back Control Month at Believe, Hope, Inspire Wellness Services. We’re not talking about a mutiny, or driving away from your life and never coming back. We’re talking about small ways of living the life you want to live that won’t involve quitting your job or getting a divorce.

    I know it’s hard but we know that depression and anxiety build in our lives when we feel that we have no power or control over our choices. Just so you know, I’m trying to take my own advice so here’s few ways I’ve made a little more room in my life for me.

    1. I’m scheduling things that are important to me. Along with my Google Calendar I’m using a beautiful paper calendar and organizing my life visually with a cup of coffee and a pencil. Intentionally choosing to map out my life reminds me it’s my responsiblity to live with myself in mind.
    2. I’m capturing time that I already have. While I’m waiting for my self-tanner to set in, sometimes I listen to a meditation or music to center my mind for the day. Grabbing afternoon time is often the most difficult, so I have started leaving at least 30 minutes in my afternoon calendar to take my shoes off and stretch out. Relaxing the body helps relax the mind. This is a time I’d listen to a meditation on my Calm app and drift off somewhere in nature for just a minute or two.
    3. I’m blocking off time for the dreaded E word. Exercise is not my favorite thing to do, I admit. I’ve found a fun walking group called the Crazy Ladies and we meet twice a week at 7 am and we walk. We laugh, share our thoughts, and keep up a rigorous pace. After an hour we go our separate ways and meet up again right on schedule. Whoever comes comes and it’s a no judgment zone.
    4. I’m reading for fun and for work. I like to read but often don’t make the room to to finish a good book or study up on my counseling skills. It’s hard with so many pressing things that could take its place. This one has been challenging but I’m going to try what works – just schedule it. I’m blocking off some time once a week and plan to see how that goes. I’ve also found a great book store close to my house that may make for a nice Sunday afternoon visit for a read. It’s got a coffee shop upstairs and is decorated nicely. I’ll let you know how it goes. And it has a book club once it gets to hot in the Florida sun to be outside.
    5. I’m saying yes to invitations to grow friendships. Running my practice, being a wife, a mom, and a Nana keeps my schedule pretty full. So sometimes it easy to push friends aside. In 2022 I’m deciding to place more importance on my friendships. So they go on the schedule too and I make sure I keep connected at least once in a month. I have a great group of writers named Women Writing for Change and I hope to grow my connections there this year while trying to get started on my first book. They are inspiring, fun, and feisty and make me better in every way.

    I realize I am at a season in my life where don’t have all the responsibilities that so many people have like juggling kids schedules and carkng for aging parents, so I know if it’s hard for me it must be doubly difficult for many others. Finding a group of 2-3 friends who work together to keep moving and living an intentional life combines your interests with social connection and accountability. That’s what my Crazy Ladies and Women Writing for Change do for me. Be on the lookout for ways you can partner with others to life a little more on purpose!

    Need some motivation? That’s how counseling can help. Find out more tips on our blog https://believehopeinspire.com/blog/or make an appointment in our secure client portal https://believehopeinspire.securepatientarea.com/portal/m/portal/ It’s one way to fight the blues, improve your confidence, and find community. Take back control starting today!