• 4 Ways to Fight for Fall (and avoid the holiday rush!)

    So, the sound of rustling leaves is finally here but before you know it’s drowned out by Jingle Bells and “Ho Ho Ho”. Here’s 4 ways to fight for Fall, slow things down, and give Fall its rightful place!

    1. Focus on what’s around you – There’s not a better season to enjoy the outdoors. Notice the changes. It doesn’t mean taking off a whole afternoon to sit alone in the woods. It can be 15 intentional minutes in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and in the evening to breathe in the richness of the season. Mindfully engaging in the moment helps us to avoid time-traveling between the past and the future and allows us to seize opportunities to make memories that ground us in the present. Anxiety loves restlessness, so slow things down and fully engage…and remember to breathe!

    2. Accent with the colors and creativity of Fall – Bring Fall indoors! A well-chosen splash of orange or brown, or a lovely leaf you found in the park is a focal point to immerse yourself in the season. It also connects us in mind, body and spirit when it’s a craft we made with our own hands. Make sure you display your creation so that you are reminded of the experience and motivated to engage throughout the season.

    3. Lay aside distractions – Yes, we know that Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas are right around the corner and we want to give them their rightful place. But let’s not disrespect October! Schedule all those holiday tasks so you don’t forget them, but also schedule other Fall opportunities into your calendar and don’t let something else replace them.

    4. Look for ways activities can become traditions – Using a journal to document your Fall experience helps you to turn truly meaningful times into traditions. Since 2018 is right around the corner, think ahead and schedule today’s events for next year as well. Living on purpose and out of traditions crafts our story and lets others know us better. When they can count on us to champion the cause of fighting for Fall, they get motivated as well. We reduce anxiety and depression when we feel like we are living life on purpose. And if others don’t catch on right away, it’s ok. Continue the fight for Fall on your own. You may be surprised how others out there may join in over time. Be in it for the long haul. Fall is worth it!!

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