• Campus Anxiety after Covid

    3 Things to Remember as Life Opens Up

    In Florida many students will be returning to campus this Fall in some form or another. Here’s 3 ways anxiety may show up and how to work with it and move forward with your life.

    1. Anxiety can come on unexpectedly.
    2. Anxiety can have no explainable cause.
    3. Anxiety can build up if a threatening situation lies ahead.

    1. Anxiety can come on unexpectedly. It’s true. You can be getting ready to go to bed or headed out the door to class on a great morning, when suddenly your heart races and you break out in a sweat. You had a great day and are ready to get some sleep, or you’ve been to the class before, you know where you’ll sit and what to expect, it’s just hard to stop the pounding in your chest.

    2. Anxiety can have no explainable cause. As anxiety rolls through you can’t really figure out the cause of it. You’re confident, feel capable to do what needs to be done today, but still your body is rebelling. You’re relaxed and ready to sleep but your body suddenly jolts in overdrive.

    3. Anxiety can build up if a threatening situation lies ahead. Sometimes there is a cause – a speech you have to give in front of the class or a private consult with an advisor where expectations are high. There is a lot of pressure to be accepted and do a good job.

    What do you do when anxiety shows up? No matter whether spontaneous or anticipatory there some things you can do to manage most anxiety symptoms.

    1. Relax your body. The best way to tell your body your okay is to breathe. Take deep, relaxing breaths to slow your heart rate and reduce physiological reactions.

    2. Take action. The natural tendency to avoid situations can take over when anxiety gets loud. Wash your face, look in the mirror, drink water, something that helps you stay grounded to where you are.

    3. Reset your mind. Challenge anxious thoughts with confident self-talk. “This is so easy, You’ve got this, Just take a breath.” Any of these mantras can remind your brain that you are in control.

    Tried these before but they don’t work? Maybe you just need a little help to put these actions in to place in your daily routine before you need them. When you are living in a relaxed body, moving through time grounded in where and who you are, and are managing negative self-talk as it rolls through your mind, you may see episodes of anxiety lessen over time. There is a lot in the world to be anxious about. We understand. We can help you consider a more calm, relaxing routine that helps to minimize anxiety that can build up when uncertainty gets loud. We’ll also help you set up a calming tool kit to take with you if these symptoms unexpectedly arise.

    In whatever way you need us, we’re here to help. Give us a call today at 850.450.7223 or make an appointment in our online client portal at https://believehopeinspire.securepatientarea.com/portal/. You’ve got a lot of life ahead of you. Be ready to live it!

    Resources: The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, 5th Edition, Edmund J. Bourne PhD

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