• The Recipe for Romance – 3 Secret Ingredients that Rekindle Romance in Your Relationship

    Looking to bring back the romance in your relationship? Have “to-do lists” taken the place of time together? Rekindle the romance with this 3-ingredient Romance Recipe! Find out how.

    Our personal Romance Recipe is made up of our own unique list of ingredients, isn’t it?  Some recipes include a candlelight dinner for two overlooking a mountain stream or beautiful coastline full of deep, meaningful conversation. Others a passionate encounter in a flower-strewn bedroom. Whatever your romance recipe, lasting romance can be yours when you start with 3 these secret ingredients.

    Secret Ingredient #1 – Follow the right recipe – a new definition of romance.

    Let’s face it. Many of us think of romance as those “date night” moments that lead to a sexual encounter. How many people complain that their partner is only nice to them when they are expecting sex? But what we’ve learned in researching relationships that last over time is that every interaction between couples either starves or feeds romantic feelings. So, if you feel that the spark has gone out in your relationship, consider how you can turn up the heat by sprinkling on generous acts of kindness, compassion, attention, and care to add sizzle to your romantic life.

    Secret Ingredient #2 – Make sure consistent doses of Trust & Commitment are used to add zest to your romance recipe. This ingredient is vital to a passionate romantic relationship. When pure, unbroken Trust can be consistently counted on as a staple ingredient, each partner can be completely vulnerable to the other and share complete intimacy without fear of betrayal. Nothing leads to a bland, tasteless romance more than broken trust not repaired and made whole again. So, “clean out the pantry”, face any past betrayals that may still be lingering, and make it right. You’ll be amazed at the fresh, new flavors you’ll taste in this new romance recipe!  

    Secret Ingredient #3 – Know how your partner likes the recipe to be served. So, you know the ingredients above that go into the recipe but what else is important?  It’s the individual preferences of the person enjoying the meal that ensures it’s served just the way they want it.

    It’s the same in romance. If every act we engage in with our partner builds intimacy, then know which acts speak love to your partner. Is there a favorite dessert he likes that you can add to the meal? Does she like fresh flowers on the table? When we know our partner’s likes and dislikes, we add those personal touches that set the ambience for a perfect experience together. Does it relax her to have the kitchen straightened up? Does he always compliment a certain perfume or a favorite dress you wear? Then offer it freely to each other. And remember, this is an every-day ingredient, not just one saved for date night. When we feel known and appreciated by our partner on a regular basis, and that our needs are important to them every day, then we relax and enjoy our “meal” with ease feeling cared for and loved.

    Have these “ingredients” on hand, and you’ll soon see your romance rekindled and enjoy a life with your partner that is rich and full of flavor.

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    Dianne Presley, LCSW, BC-TMH
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