• Too Young to Feel So Old – and Tired?

    3 New Things I’ve Learned that Boosts My Energy and Keeps It High

    Where I was before the change

    Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time feeling tired. I’d talk on-and-on about how tired I feel and waste valuable time watching TV night after night zoned out – exhausted. It seemed like I moved in slow motion and everything seemed hard. Maybe you’ve felt that way too.

    Where I am now

    But then I discovered something that has changed my life. I mean it really changed my life. I’m not just saying that catchy phrase. Right now I’m living my dreams because of three things I learned. I don’t need any special equipment, no strict diet plan or special vitamin supplement, and no $99 exercise video. Knowing three new pieces of information changed the way I feel, the way I think, the language I use, and the way I act. I feel new energy, my thoughts are positive, my conversation is full of hope and inspiration, and I do more of the things I really want to do.

    Where I find the limitless energy I need

    What‘s the source of this increased energy? It may surprise you to learn that it’s my Brain. I learned that I already have everything I need to do everything I need to do in my life – including the energy it takes to live my dream. All I had to do was learn these three ways my brain adds energy and motivation to my life naturally.  Now that I use my brain to my advantage there is no limit to the vitality and creativity that is at my disposal. It’s all waiting for you, too, when you know the three ways our brains work for us to catapult us into new levels of energy.

    First thing I learned – It’s a chemical thing

    The first thing I learned is that our brain gives us energy by releasing chemicals that make us feel good. Maybe you’ve heard about the fight or flight syndrome. How our body goes into overdrive when we feel danger and releases chemicals like adrenalin and cortisol that hype us up and signals our body to defend itself. Well, the opposite happens when we feel safe and competent, equipped to do what is required of us. The body produces feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that can provide a sense of euphoria and creativity. So our brain releases a natural drug that invigorates and rejuvenates.

    Second thing I learned – It starts with feelings

    The second way our brain adds energy is by building on positive feelings. When good chemicals flow freely, feelings like gratitude, peace, love, and compassion for others grow stronger.  Our thoughts and language sound more hopeful. We speak of possibilities not problems, creativity not criticism, clarity not confusion. When our subconscious and conscious thoughts are expressed in words of encouragement we believe we are competent and we find inspiration to do more than we ever imagined possible. Hope is restored.

    Third thing I learned – Feelings drive thoughts and actions

    As our brain bathes in feel-good chemicals positive emotions are accelerated. Our thoughts of hope soar and a third change happens. These positive thoughts turn in to measurable actions. The energy to move appears. Encouraging self-talk results in needed motivation to take action. We believe in new possibilities.  Success can be defined and goals set with clarity. Next steps are in focus. We act on our beliefs and we broaden the range of what’s possible. The steps forward that seemed impossible before, now seem probable and doable. Success builds, goals are visualized and crystalized and we feel the momentum as we walk in this new energy. We start getting things done.

    Tired? Who has time to be tired!! I’m transformed – and it’s all because of the 3 New Things I Learned to Boost My Energy.

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