• Why bother? It’s just too hard

    Couples often come in my office ready to give up. Either the fights have gotten so intense its exhausting or the silence has gotten so great it’s almost defeaning. Here’s most likely how they got there.


    ·        Harsh start-ups – Gentleness has gone out the window in couples who are ready to end their relationship. Every word is harsh and hard.


    ·        Nobody’s listening to understand – Negativity hangs over every conversation like a dense fog. They are listening to gather evidence that their partner is wrong and unreasonable and that’s all there are looking for.


    ·        Everybody’s pointing fingers – It’s you not me. Conversations are to defend positions not compromise or admit wrong.


    ·        You’re flawed and I’m pretty much perfect – Contempt has set in and the name-calling is loud. It’s not just what you do, it’s who you are and who you are is pretty rotten.


    Think it’s time to give up? When you can replace harshness with gentleness, listen to really understand, see the good in each other, and take responsibility for your part in every argument, it’s amazing how quickly you can turn things around. It would be a shame to give up when just one more try and the right tools could make the difference.


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